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The 316 was introduced in 1999 and has the smallest engine available in the E46, the 1.9 L BMW M43 producing 105 hp (78 kW) and 165 N·m (122 ft·lbf). Like all 4 cylinder models, it was not released into the United States market. In 2001, the 316 was given a smaller, yet more powerful, 1.8 L BMW N42 engine producing 116 hp (87 kW) and 175 N·m (129 ft·lbf).


The 318 was introduced in 1998 , the 1.9 L BMW M43. However, it was designated the M43B19TU (technical update) and had dual balancing shafts which increased horsepower to 118 hp (88 kW) and torque to 180 N·m (133 ft·lbf). Along with the 316, the 318 received an updated engine in 2002: the 2.0 L BMW N42. It produced 143 hp (107 kW) and 200 N·m (148 ft·lbf). The 318 was not released into the United States market.


Sold in many places, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Ireland, it was powered by a 2.2-litre inline six-cylinder engine making 170 hp (127 kW). It was the base model in Canada, where it would be succeed by the 323i.


The 323 was one of the first E46 models available for purchase, 1998 for the sedan (excluding North American markets) and 1999 for the coupe (and sedan in North American markets). It was powered by BMW's 2.5 L M52 engine designated M52TUB25. The M52 engine was previously used in the E36; however, this 2.5 L version added dual VANOS, BMW's mechanically continuous variable valve timing system. This improved low end torque and fuel economy over the M52B25 used in the E36 323. The E46 323, despite having a 2.5L engine, was designated "323" and not "325", to increase the apparent spread between it and the correctly-numbered 328 to appeal to BMW enthusiasts.

The 323 ended its run after 2000, when it was then retired to make way for the updated E46 325.


The 328 was released alongside the 323 as a high-performance option, still using the BMW M52 engine. The E46 328 and 323 ended their production runs after three model years (1998–2000) when it was succeeded by the 330 and 325, respectively.


The 325 took over from the market position of the 323 and uses the same 2.5 L I6 engine, however the 325's engine has improved double-VANOS and fully dual pipe exhaust system. The European version makes 192 hp (143 kW), while the U.S./Canadian version had a catalytic converter installed which reduces the output to 184 hp (137 kW) .


The 330 succeeded the 328 as the top-performing E46 (excluding the M3), with the M54B30 making 231 PS (170 kW; 228 bhp) @ 6500rp and 214 ft·lbf (290 N·m)@ 3500 rpm, while the performance package (ZHP) version had an output of 235 bhp (175 kW; 238 PS) @6800rpm and 222 ft·lbf (301 N·m)@ 3500 rpm.
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