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e46 sedan press photos
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E46 Convertible

The E46 Convertible is the replacement for the E36 Convertible and is based on the E46 Coupe. It is initially being introduced in 1998, as a 323 Model only with the M52 TU 2.5 liter engine.

The E46 Convertible features a new design top that consists of a three layer top and all glass rear window, and comes with a manual top as standard equipment. The new fully automatic electro-hydraulic top is available as an option. The 330 E46iC will come with the fully automatic top as standard equipment.

The roll over protection system is standard equipment and is similar in design to the E36 system. The roll over protection bars are hidden by the rear headrest and deployed under the same criteria as the E36 system.

The front seats of the E46iC are a new design with the seat integrated belt (SGS) system similar to the system introduced on the E31 - 8 series vehicles.

The body shell of the E46iC has been developed specifically for the convertible to improve crash performance which is similar to the E46 Coupe. This was achieved by the use of reinforcements on the body shell that improved torsional rigidity (body twisting). In the main body floor pan, reinforcements were necessary to accommodate the new SGS (Seat Integrated Belt System) seat system. In the rear floor pan, reinforcements were necessary to account for the variable convertible top storage. compartment floor.

The floor pan is reinforced to support the SGS seat by heavier cross brace members, reinforced tunnel/floor pan and reinforced engine support brackets. During a collision all forces occurring on the seat are channeled to be absorbed by the floor pan.

The windshield frame is reinforced with stepped reinforcing tubes to allow it to act as a roll-over protection. During the rollover all of the forces exerted on the A-pillar of the windshield frame are transmitted as a Moment (Torque) to the bottom of the Apillar where stepped reinforced tubes are reinforced.

The rear bulkheads are redesigned to support the rollover protection and seat belts. They are welded to increase structural rigidity and to secure rear seat, rear seat belts and the mounting point for the ISO child seat.

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