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e46 sedan press photos
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E46 Touring

The E46/3 “Sport Wagon” joins the highly successful Sedan and Coupe models to further enhance the product line up and offer 3 series customers an alternative choice of vehicle. Up to the “B” pillars, the Sport wagon is identical to the E46 sedan. The rear doors have been remodeled for wagon usage and the tail gate is similar to the E39 Sport Wagon with an opening rear window.

The rear seats fold down to provide 1345 liters of cargo space. With the seats up, the rear compartment provides 435 liters of load space.

The E46 Sport Wagon is 7 mm longer that the sedan and the unloaded height is 6 mm lower. The wheel base, width and turning radius are the same as the E46 sedan. The following are the maximum cargo capacity/ loads:
• 435 Liters luggage capacity - with rear seat back up
•1345 Liters luggage capacity - with back rest down
• 540KG in the rear
• 75 KG on the roof.

From the front bumper up to the “B” pillar the E46 Sport Wagon body is identical to the sedan. From the “B” pillar rearward, the body shell of the Sport Wagon is all new and includes:

• New Rear doors
• New Tailgate and hinge mechanism
• New Frameless rear window
• New Rear Bumper
• No tail gate lock cylinder
• Roof rails as optional equipment

The structural rigidity and “structural dynamic” characteristics introduced with the E46 sedan are carried over to the E46 Sport wagon. As with the sedan and coupe, the Sport Wagon body shell acts as the passenger’s safety cage along with the tubular impact structures for the front and rear bumper mountings.

· Publicēju marchello January 02 2012
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