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e46 M3 coupe press photos
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M3 Coupe

E46 M3 Coupe

The E46 M3 is the third generation of the M3 replacing the E36 M3.

In comparison to its predecessor, the high engine performance and dynamic driving characteristics is expressed in its sport-oriented design. The E46 M3 is a high performance coupe based on the new E46/2 body. The E46 M3 is a high performance automobile which assumes the leading position in its class.

The overall length of the E46 M3 measures 4 mm longer than the E46 coupe. Compared to the E46/2 production vehicle, the track width on the front and rear axle of the E46 M3 have been increased considerably (track width: front axle +37 mm, rear axle +47mm). The new wider side panels enhance the sports character of the E46 M3.

The increase in engine output, torque, dynamic driving characteristics and sport design of the E46 M3 places more demand requirements on the individual components in the body. Visual, functional as well as technical features of the E46 M3 body have been modified in order to satisfy all these requirements. The individual changes contribute to increasing the E46 M3 body rigidity.

The visual differences of the E46 M3 as compared to the E46/2 in the body area include widening of the front and rear side panels, a modified aluminum hood as well as front and rear bumper covers. The front bumper cladding is aerodynamically designed. The air inlets for brake cooling next to the fog lights are closed off. The air inlet next to the left fog light is used for engine air intake.

The increased body rigidity is achieved by the use of additional gusset plates and weld points. Both functional and technical modifications have been made to the side frame structures, front and rear wheel arches, reinforcement in the C-pillar area as well as the luggage compartment floor has been modified in order to accommodate the larger rear silencer..

The body of the E46 M3 corresponds to that of the E46/2 but with the following Changes:

1. Floor Assembly / Luggage Compartment Floor
2. Side Frame / Wheel Arches
3. Front / Rear Side Panels
4. Hood / Fuel Filler Flap
5. Front Bumper
6. Rear Bumper
7. C-Pillar Reinforced
8. Spring Strut Tower
9. Rear Axle Mounts

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