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M3 Cabrio
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The E46 Touring Facelift

The E46/3 touring receive a facelift in September 2001. The outer appearance of both of these models differs significantly from the previous models.

The redesigned “facelift” includes:
• Engine hood with a wider “powerdome” and wider kidney grill
• Lamp unit with-signal flasher (new optics) and round front fog lights
• Side panels at the front left and right with new additional turn signals lights.

The headlights and turn signals are redesigned with a new appearance. The accentuated sweeping lines compared with its predecessor and the transparent turn-signal flashers that are drawn upwards give the car a contemporary look and feel.

The reshaped kidney grill, which is stretched in both directions to the front lamps and the modified contour of the hood powerdome, from the kidney grill to the A Pillar, reinforce the overall impression of the vehicle.

The new styling does not alter the way in which the front headlights are installed and removed. Bi-Xenon head lamps are available as a option only.

The hood’s hinges and locks have not been changed and the fresh air duct to the radiator has not been altered.

Front Fenders. The front fenders are redesigned with wings that bulge further upwards over the bead in the area of the wheel arch. The additional turn signal lights are now wedge-shaped. The seals for the additional turn-signals lights have been redesigned but the mounting of the turn signals remains unchanged.

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